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Can you believe it, folks? I wrote a book! 
"A History Lover's Guide to Austin" is my first foray into literature on a professional level, and I'm so grateful for all of the people at History Press and Arcadia Publishing for their support, their guidance, and for their trust in working with me on this project. For those who may not know, I've been thriving as a tour guide for many years in Austin with Austin Detours. It's a very rewarding part of my life, and the Detours Team hopes to return to Creating Fun as soon as it's safe to rally the town. My time as a guide has led me to many opportunities, not the least was the chance to write this book. The rest of the story, if you'll forgive the pun, is history. All of that aside, I'm so excited to finally present it to you!

I've set up a Pre-Sale Store for anyone who wants to support the project and I've added some of my hand crafted goodies for your shopping pleasure, too. I never did get around to learning how to bake bread during quarantine, but I wrote this book and learned how to use a laser engraver. This is the fruit of that effort! If you're local, make sure you shop from the "Local Pick-Up" Store (in Green) to avoid shipping costs. I'll be in touch with details of the pick up times and locations via email. If you need shipping it's no trouble, just scroll down to the "Shipping Store" (in Red) when you get to that page.

On a personal note to my fellow Austinites, or those who plan to spend time here, I hope that you can take this book and reclaim a sense of home that you might have misplaced somewhere along the year that must not be named. Now is a wonderful time to explore the city solo or with a small group, and I think this book can really serve as a great random adventure generator, if you let it. 

Stay Healthy, Keep Making History, and THANKS SO MUCH FOR YOUR SUPPORT!

"Star Crossed Lover" is the first Single off the upcoming Full Length Studio Album - "I Love You More". Buy it now on CD BABY

Produced by Austin Pop guru Jinx McGee (MiddleSpoon / BananaPop Records), this album takes Jason's story telling lyrics and bouncy melodies, and cranks the funk, pop, and soulfulness up to 11. You've never heard or seen Jason Weems like this before! 

The video, written & produced by Jason Weems, was filmed & edited by Kiel Hames, & co-directed by Kiel, & Auburn Clayton. It explores the story of two lovers whose paths cross and diverge and cross again. The use of masks, designed by Steve Wintercroft  (, & created by an amazing team of volunteers,  illustrates the archetypes & metaphors often associated with the dating in the modern age. Special Thanks to Skylark Lounge - ATX for use of their location!