1. What I'll Do

From the recording Twister


What I'll Do

Verse I
How many stars crossed when we met. Oh, I've counted a million, but I'm not through yet. So I'll adore from afar until you are near. I'll hope my intentions were subtly clear. I'll strum my guitar, biding my time. I'll trace your face into a chorus, mold your curves to my lines. What else could I do to keep up with you, but be okay with the old, be okay with the new.

Oh, that's just what I'll do.
That's just what I'll do.
Oh that's just what I'll do until I get to love you.

Verse II
I've seen your face somewhere in my dreams. I knew the moment I'd met you, I knew the moment I'd seen the way your eyes sort of smile, the hope I hear in your laugh. Oh, it's the way that you walk, the way I watch you walk past. So I'll hold on real tight to these things that I've seen. Paint a portrait of this moment, here in my memory. What else could I do to keep up with you but know what I know, and hope you see it too.

Verse III
I've been calling out, and conjuring you. I hope that you hear me. I hope you come soon. 'Cause it seems that life without you, at best, is like a test of endurance. It's like holding my breath. I want to breath free. I want to walk tall. I want a life full of love that will never go wrong. So I'll play my cards right. I'll do the right thing. Yes, I'll keep my dollar until life can make change.