From the recording STAR CROSSED LOVER

Written & performed by Jason Weems. Produced, arranged, & performed by Jinx MCGee (Middle Spoon / BananaPop). Featured vocals by Shawnee Kilgore.



Vs I
I always hope we’ll cross paths. I find you ‘neath the street light. We love to stay up all night. Dance beneath the stars. Caliche hills & a rocky road. It’s an endless party, though we know - the clock is ticking. Honestly, this will become a memory.

You’re my star crossed lover. Never can recover. Don’t want nobody other but we still can’t find the time. (No, no, no) You’re my star crossed lover. Keep it undercover. No, we don’t know who’s looking, but we both can feel the eyes. (yeah).

It was an island night, long past sunset, with your phone call ‘neath the palm trees. You were on your own adventure, too. It’s a wanderlust that we feed. (And) a meteor plunged through the clouds. No arc, the stone fell straight on down. My jaw dropped right to the ground, but you knew how I felt ‘cause you’d seen that before.

[I know you’re wanting me, baby. I can feel it when you’re driving me so crazy.
You know I’m wanting you, darling. I want you all the time.] x2
(2nd time last phrase - I fall into those eyes)

I wanted you since our first lines. When eyes locked & we lost time. I take you, baby, everytime that you let me - you let me slip between. (And) I’m always hungry for my next taste. (And) you always see it in my headspace. (No) There’s no hiding behind good grace. You see it in my eyes.