From the recording Twister


End of the Girl

It's a fine line between biding your time, and simply losing a turn. It's a dance where the steps all seem faded, though you throw in the dips and the turns. It's a symphony here in the moment. It's all improv and never rehearsed. It's you reading my mind and then finish my lines and we laugh 'til we're blue faced and hurt.

You and I new, but still fast friends, both know there's something unseen. We don't bring it up, and we try not to touch, afraid of the arc inside of the spark we might see. You and I keep breathing deeply, clear on just why we are here. Just trying to make a new friend, but it gets so complicated when half of you is so far from here. He's so far from near.

There are things here I should be confessing, these secrets that I shouldn't say. Like, I've been affected by you since the moment I met you and I want you more, and more, then more everyday. But wishes can be double sided, and my joy might be paired with your grief. Still, I couldn't resist manifesting your kiss, and I hope that you'll stay here with me. Why don't you stay here with me?

....Cause I'm wanting you more, more than you can see. Why don't you stay here with me?

I didn't know what I'd see in your eyes. It's something between hope and pain. I never knew what I'd feel in your touch, but it's something much hotter than flame. I never meant to wish for your kiss but it comes down to this...

If you think you could fall for me I wish you'd tell me.
If you think you could fall for me, then I need to know.
'Cause if you think you could fall for me, like I'm falling for you,
then I'll be there to catch you. I'll help resurrect you. I'll be there at the end of the world. I'll be there at the end of the girl.