From the recording Twister


Pulling & Pushing

Verse I
Hey there sexy lady. Hmm... Why don't we drop the maybes. Baby, you could come with me and we could get a little crazy past the sunrise, and still we'll keep it rocking. No, there ain't nobody 'round here ever gonna make us stop it. We'll go zoom – zoom, on up past the moon. We're living off the star shine. Baby, this is our time. So come with me, cause I've got what you need. There ain't doubt about it we'll be making history.

Because the loving, the loving that you've got. The loving that you've got baby that all the loving that I need.

Verse II
Well now, darling, I swear I never saw you coming, but now that you're here I hope you're ready for the loving. 'Cause the truth is that I've got plenty of it, and I can give it to you, baby, anyway you want it. So turn the lights down or fuck it open up the curtains. You know, you could do the pulling, baby, and I'll do the pushing. Oh it's all right to get exactly what you're craving, you can have it now there ain't no reason t obe waiting.

Verse III
These are the good times, our times, and, baby, I can prove it. You know, we can do it all, no, there ain't nothing to it. So look around now. You ain't just any girl, and if the world was the oyster then, girl, you're the pearl. So, where should we go? Traveling the globe? As long as I'm with you, baby, I'm already home. It doesn't matter where I'll lay my head as long as you are with me when I climb into the bed.